About Us


An all in one Digital ID platform aimed at identity owners to own personal data and businesses to verify and authenticate its customers. Through a digital identity wallet, iDentifymi allows users to easily and securely prove identity, control personal data and login into third party platforms without any need of passwords, form filling or data sharing. Your data, your control.

We take an innovative approach through the use of AI to verify who users are and blockchain technology to ensure data is decentralised and not owned by a single “entity”.

Our long term mission is to provide an identity for all and give back control of personal data to identity owners.

Trust is one of the key factors for economic growth. There are many concerns around how personal data is used and whether businesses really act in the best interest of the identity owner whether intentionally or unintentionally.  iDentifymi’s mission is to overcome this challenge.

Your identity, your control.

Our vision is to invent an evolutionary product that puts individuals at the centre of their own identities and personal data.

A consumer led platform, driven by privacy, cyber security measures and functionality needs with an aim to also reduce the cost to businesses for its inadequate identification systems and time-consuming processes.

We help to remove distressing and complex experiences by using decentralised blockchain technology and biometrics such as facial recognition and fingerprints. The business services will be offered to both the identity owner (general public) as well as private and public sectors (relying parties).


Security and privacy is at the centre of everything we do and believe in.
We are transparent, committed and honest to doing what’s best for our customers, clients and our company.
We thrive on ideas that challenge the conventional views and drive innovation.
To achieve simplicity we must overcome complexity. We thrive for greater user journeys, greater processes and a greater way of life for all.
We hold responsibility to educate our employees, customers and global society to do better and be better.
We do more than just a job. We have an obligation to pursue excellence and most of all to make a difference.