Self-sovereign identity: Our vision and mission


The Identity Owner Challenge

Data has become the world’s most valuable resource however organisations are still misusing personal data –  intentionally or unintentionally. Users should have a single point of entry to understand what information is stored, where and by whom. Identity owners should be able to verify their digital credentials like in the physical world and not be forced to create numerous accounts with complex passwords.

The business Challenge

There are currently many challenges within the Digital ID sector. Cyberattacks are on the rise year-on-year and Verizon Data Breach Investigation Report suggests

..No industry or organisation is bulletproof when it comes to the compromise of data”. 

Corporations store data in centralised systems that often contain vulnerabilities attractive to hackers and although this is an ongoing challenge, it’s also an opportunity for innovative solutions such as iDentifymi to overcome and solve this issue.

The Global Challenge

Digital identity is one of the hardest problems to solve with no universal solution issuing digital credentials. Organisations are forced to create complex systems to protect its users often leading to poor UX. With the use of blockchain technologies it has now become possible to create a decentralised registration discovering public keys needed for digital signatures.

Our Vision and Mission

Vision: To invent an evolutionary product that puts people at the centre of their own identities and data.

Mission: Provide an identity for all and give back control of personal data to identity owners.

Whether you are an organisation looking to improve internal security systems or an identity owner who wants to take back control of their personal details, get in touch with iDentifymi to see how we can help.