An All-in-one Secure Digital ID

An all-in-one platform providing possibilities for digital owners to securely own and manage personal data and for businesses to securely and effectively verify and authenticate consumers.

No more misuse of personal data, identify theft or cyber crimes. Enquire today about our secure and reliable platform.

Own Digital ID Wallet
Identity Verification
Identity Authentication
Digital ID Credentials
identity verification
Giving the opportunity for relying parties to speed their on-boarding and verification processes in a reliable, secure and encrypted way using biometrics.
Personal data management wallet
Provide identity owners the opportunity to finally own their personal data online and only share with businesses they have given consent to. The data shared will be an encrypted digital key which only displays “essential” information about the identity owner that the relying party needs.
Creative your own verifiable credential and use it across different third party platforms and websites to prove who you are. No more numerous amounts of accounts and endless passwords.
identity authentication

Help and identify legitimate data owners who have previously verified their IDs and be able to login into platforms without the need of passwords or sharing of personal data. 

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